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Mademoiselle Rin May 17, 2013
Marty's here !pic
'' Mom, I'm gonna be a star ! ''pic
High Pinkpic

High & Pink

New stuff soon. I'm really into DIY theses days... :)    Rin xo
Beet obsession week 1pic

Beet obsession [week 1]

This year, my resolutions are to eat more healthy and to cook more. To keep me motivated, I decide to post what I'm cooking I gonna try…
I asked for snow !pic

I asked for snow !

This is the picture of a city bus cut in 2 parts because of the snow. (We broke a record : 45 cm of snow…
Winter's colorpic

Winter's color

Winter sunsets are the best !   :) Rin
Christmas introductionpic

Christmas introduction

Me. With a light crown.   200th photo. 4 years on Buzznet. Christmas's coming, it's snow outside  :D
They call me a groopiepic
Etrange behaviorpic

Etrange behavior

My cat in the sink. He's always there.... 
Searching for....pic

Searching for....

Hey Buzznet ! Is somebody know where I can find or order those kind of tight ? With special print... I'm totally obsess about them…
Long time no see, Buzznet !pic

Long time no see, Buzznet !

After more than a year, I'm finally back on my Buzznet's page. Well I hope so.... no computer problems please ! :p   I'm gonna try to post…
Fleur de thpic


Weird pic, I know. But I like it :)
By me.pic

By me.

I have a cupcake obsession... :D
'cause baby you're a firework...pic
I just wanna flypic

I just wanna fly

away from here. With you. Without them. 'cause life's too short to care about what is good and what isn't for us to do.
Cup'cup'cupcake !pic

Cup'cup'cupcake !

Three girls : three cupcakes. After we went to a Tea Shop and drink tea until we can't continue... hihi.
More nails....pic

More nails....

Flags as always Xo Rin
Lady Gaga... Mark Ryden's fan ?pic
You wanna part of me ?pic

You wanna part of me ?

I LOVE my shoes. Even if I have some difficulties to walk with. Xoxo Rin.
Still snowing.pic

Still snowing.

I love winter ! Especially when it's snowing ;)
Christmas' treepic

Christmas' tree

Because of the kitty, having a Christmas tree wasn't a good idea, so I eat mine ;)
I can't believe, 2 years ago I...pic

I can't believe, 2 years ago I...

Created Mlle Rin Page on Buzznet ! It goes so fast... i can't believe !
I want you so bad I can't breath...pic

I want you so bad I can't breath...

Ok Go at the Terminal 5, NY. October 29.
This is how you want me to finish.pic

This is how you want me to finish.

I'm really interesting by old thing. Like this one. This is probably no a real old chair. But love the design. Decoration on the Forever 21…
You may say that I'm a dreamerpic

You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one. I'm not a big Beatles/John Lennon fan, but love this song. Photo from my NY road trip.
I love NYpic

I love NY

But when I went, I forgot to buy a t-shirt with the inscription :P So... I have to go back soon hihi. Black n' white NY…
This is just...pic

This is just...

the end of something. This is a new begining. New life. New personnality. J'assume qui je suis et ce que je veux !
Pretty in Pinkpic
Lil' CN towerpic

Lil' CN tower

Went to Toronto last week end.
United Kingdom.pic

United Kingdom.

The evolution of the England flag... On my nails :)
The Cat in the Hatpic

The Cat in the Hat

Nothing to said. Back to University in two days. YAY. 'I like' No vacantion. 'I don't like' Anyway.
Painted by numberspic

Painted by numbers

Vintage shoes + blue painting + a cat


I think I'm too much stress. And it's make me sick. Well. I took this pic last week. In Montreal there is some 'competitions' of…


Are you affraid by spiders ?
Es un gato !pic

Es un gato !

My cat. Hihi. He's so cute I can't stop taking him in picture.
Human naturepic

Human nature

Sometimes I think human nature is so strange. We fear to never be loved, but we don't notice people who love us the most (sorry…
Beaux Arts !pic

Beaux Arts !

Stickers we get when we go seeing an exhibition. Enjoy :P
Let's get lostpic

Let's get lost

*title of a song from Bat for Lashes Photography : well, I'm back into religious thing (pic especially). Worked a lot on.
My first VWTpic

My first VWT

VWT = Vans Warped Tour. It was amazing. I saw Artist vs Poet, Fake Problem, The Pretty Reckless, All American Reject, Sum 41, Every Time…
On the road again....pic

On the road again....

Sorry, I don't post a lot since... a way too long.
When my heart is broken I listen to Musepic

When my heart is broken I listen to Muse

If you like the pic, let a comment :) Thanks
Polaroid Stylepic

Polaroid Style

Springtime is back !
We are living in...pic

We are living in...

Night life in Montreal is so... wonderful :) I took this pic around 2 a.m. in from of a museum. Hihi.
Dont' break this wall...pic


Old mill. North of Montreal. 2010.
Chocolat iceberg !pic

Chocolat iceberg !

And in this story, I was the Titanic XD
Face itpic

Face it

Or don't. But you're better to face it. St-Laurent street. Montreal. January 2010.
Sky is the limit...pic

Sky is the limit...

Hey :) Today I started University. Hihi. Well, that's it ! XD
Sangria XDpic

Sangria XD

Where I live now, there's a lot of stores, restaurants and ... bars (very close from my appartment). So, sometimes, after the job, my roomate…
in 2010pic
Happy Holidays...pic

Happy Holidays...

From my Cupcake and Me. Hope you are having great time with your family and friends.
Queen Marypic
Purple !!!pic

Purple !!!

[I worked on the contrast, but the sky was really near from this color]
Rumeur dans la villepic

Rumeur dans la ville

Montreal. Some morning.
Cooking day !pic

Cooking day !

It's so cute :) Well, today was 'cooking-day' XD Now, we have food for the week !!!
As white as...pic

As white as...

Snow !!! I love snow. Really. I was so so happy to see it today... Love winter. Love december. Here, my kitty. All white... If he decide to…
Old ? Not that much...ok, it's very old...pic

Old ? Not that much...ok, it's very old...

November 2009. Hochelaga. Montreal.
Feeling alone...pic
I don't want to be a princess...pic

I don't want to be a princess...

... but I want a magical story... Wedding dress. Converse.
Don't trust me...pic

Don't trust me...

Montreal. October 2009. Midnight.
Pretty in Pinkpic

Pretty in Pink

Botanic garden.
Dark lightpic

Dark light

An other kind of Black&White
When the night feel my picpic

When the night feel my pic

Montreal. October 2009. Around 22h00.


Pistachio nut ice cream with raspberry. Too much light... XD What's your favorite dessert ?
Bb !pic

Bébé !

My lil' kitty... again. She has 2 month now... Sorry for the bad quality of the pic.
It's a girl !pic

It's a girl !

Yeah, well it's the new member of the family :)
Please, don't close the light.pic

Please, don't close the light.

Montreal. September 2009.


Cutie little pink house. Do you like that kind of house ?
WTF ?pic


Haha. This pic make me laugh.
Your confusion, my illusion.pic

Your confusion, my illusion.

Walk in silence, Don't walk away, in silence. See the danger, Always danger, Endless talking, Life rebuilding, Don't walk away. Walk in silence, Don't turn away, in silence. Your confusion, My illusion, Worn like a mask…
Build your dreamspic

Build your dreams

It doesn't matter in which point your dreams are big, you are capable of reaching them. Always go at the end of what hold you…


My new lil devil.


...We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon...
Angel hairpic

Angel hair

''We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another'' Lucretius quotes. Photo : fireworks.


La faculté de rêverie est une faculté divine et mystérieuse ; car c'est par le rêve que l'homme communique avec le monde ténébreux dont il…
Take twopic

Take two

A second mysterious photo... What is it ?
Questions, questions...pic


Montreal June 3rd 2009
City lights hide the truth.pic

City lights hide the truth.

Back to black & white.
Probably because of you.pic

Probably because of you.

Je ne croyais jamais m'ennuyer de l'école, c'est le cas pourtant...


I feel lost when I saw things like that... don't really know why. St-Catherine street. Montreal. May 2009.


Montreal street. When we take the time to observe what's around you... we can find really nice things. That's what we wound this morning by walking…


Just for the texture.
Here, there...pic
Classics never die...pic
Because it's raining outside.pic

Because it's raining outside.

I post a summer vacation picture... To remind me it will comes soon. Summer is near. Well, nearer than last month. What is your little paradise ?…
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