Mademoiselle Rin
Mademoiselle Rin May 17, 2013
Marty's here !pic

Cara Delevingne [Inspiration]

Hey Buzzneters,  Almost the end of the week [YAY !], it's time for an other girl crush/inspiration. This week : Cara Delevigne. I love her style and…
'' Mom, I'm gonna be a star ! ''pic
High Pinkpic

High & Pink

New stuff soon. I'm really into DIY theses days... :)    Rin xo

Girl crush : Ellie Goulding

Hello Buzzneters :) I recently discover Ellie Goulding's music. I really love her voice and I can't stop listening to her music. Especially these two songs…
Mademoiselle Rin
Mademoiselle Rin Jan 07, 2013
Beet obsession week 1pic

Beet obsession [week 1]

This year, my resolutions are to eat more healthy and to cook more. To keep me motivated, I decide to post what I'm cooking I gonna try…
I asked for snow !pic

I asked for snow !

This is the picture of a city bus cut in 2 parts because of the snow. (We broke a record : 45 cm of snow…
Winter's colorpic

Winter's color

Winter sunsets are the best !   :) Rin
Christmas introductionpic

Christmas introduction

Me. With a light crown.   200th photo. 4 years on Buzznet. Christmas's coming, it's snow outside  :D

Girl Crush : Kaya Scodelario

Hello Buzzneters :) Hope you all had a great week ! (just 11 days before Christmas !!!)  Here's my third Girl crush : Kaya Scodelario. I know her…

10 things I love in winter

Hello hello Buzznet,  I think winter is my favorite season. Those are some things I especially like in winter.  10. Hot chocolat. 9 . Cute warm hat.  8. Boots.  7. Snow…

Girl Crush : Elizabeth Olsen

I grew up being a big fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley. I still love them. But I discover recently their little [but taller] sister Elizabeth…

Weekend's Inspiration [wing]

My weekend will be inspire by theses wings :) Have a nice weekend ;) xo Rin
They call me a groopiepic

Sweet tooth

It's monday :( But there's a lot of reasons to keep smiling. It's almost December, snow is near. Christmas break's coming. For me it means family…

Girl Crush: Leighton Meester

Lazy lazy Sunday, Doing homework and listening to old Gossip Girl episodes. Reminds me I liked so much Blair's character and Leighton Meester who's playing her ! Here's…

JFK [may 29 1917- november 22 1963]

Remember the november 22 of 1963. Love Lana. And the video is inspired by JFK story : Rin xo
Mademoiselle Rin
Mademoiselle Rin Nov 22, 2012

Skull & Bone Inspiration

Here they are :    Do you have a favorit ? Rin xo

The first step [+] the reason why I can't do my homeworks

I'm waiting for the snow but.... I've already beginning to decorate with some cute lights...  This is a picture taken in my room. Last week I got…
Etrange behaviorpic

Etrange behavior

My cat in the sink. He's always there.... 

Remember Remember The 5th Of November

I'm gonna have this in the head all day tomorrow hihi From V for Vendetta
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